What SB Creations Can Do for You


As a writer, artist, and all-around techie, I have been creating things all my life. I wrote my first poem when I was four years old, and I still have that piece of paper I scrawled it on. It is very worn and faded now, but I carry it with me and look at it whenever I need a reality check. 

When my mother passed away a couple of years ago, I really wanted a video of her life to play at the viewing - I knew she would love that. Unfortunately, we could not afford the cost, but the funeral director told me that I could put a video together, he would play it for me at no charge. Well, I did and it will always be my favorite creation. Soon after, a friend asked me to create a video for her daughter's graduation; another friend asked me to create wedding invitations, and I've been at it ever since. 

I am a huge country music fan – specifically Reba, so a lot of the samples on my website reflect my love of her and her music. If you like a particular design or pattern, I can recreate it with your chosen photo(s) and make it into anything you want. 

At SB Creations, I specialize in creating anything you want to remember - if you can see it, I can make it.